Guide to Choose the Best Evidence-Based Program and Training Provider

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Evidence-based programs profoundly impact organizational success, individuals, and communities. The key is pairing the right program with an adept training provider for sustained positive outcomes. 

However, navigating through program options can be overwhelming. Making the right choice streamlines processes, enhances outcomes, and contributes to a positive organizational culture. 

Keep reading to explore essential elements to consider when selecting the best evidence-based program for your organization and those you serve. 

The Importance of Selecting the Right Evidence-Based Program and Trainer

Choosing an evidence-based program isn't just a checkbox for organizational improvement – it's the cornerstone. The impact reverberates across every facet of your operation, influencing efficiency, morale, and overall success. The right program and effective training ensure that your goals aren't just aspirations. 

The right program doesn't just benefit the institution; it becomes a source of long-term advantage for your staff and clients. It shapes positive workplace culture and contributes to the well-being of those you serve. 

So, as we journey through the importance of this decision, remember that it's not just about selecting a program; it's about sculpting a path to enduring success for your organization and everyone it touches. 

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting an Evidence-Based Program 

A few critical factors play a pivotal role in ensuring you choose a program that aligns with your organizational goals, adapts to the needs of those you serve, and is feasible regarding time and resources. 

1. Alignment with the Organization's Goals and Values 

Selecting a program that aligns seamlessly with your organization's values is more than a checkbox; it's a fundamental requirement. This compatibility ensures that the chosen program becomes integral to your organizational DNA. 

The right program should do more than just fit – it should enhance. Aligning with your mission and vision becomes a driving force behind realizing your organizational aspirations. 

Additionally, research shows that an excellent evidence-based training program can increase provider satisfaction (aka make your team enjoy their work more). 

2. Adaptability to Diverse Populations and Settings  

In a world of diversity, program versatility is non-negotiable. Assessing how well a program adapts to diverse populations and settings ensures it remains effective across various contexts. 

Your chosen program should be sensitive to cultural contexts, fostering inclusivity and relevance. Cultural competence is critical to success. 

3. Cost, Time, and Resource Feasibility

We can't ignore the reality of financial constraints. Evaluating the feasibility in terms of budget ensures that your investment aligns with both short-term affordability and long-term value. Research shows that integrated, evidence-based services often improve patient outcomes and cost savings. 

But time and physical resources are also precious commodities. Ensure the program fits within your organization's constraints to guarantee a smoother implementation process, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency. 

In navigating these fundamental considerations, you can lay the groundwork for a program that not only fits theoretically but thrives in the practical landscape of your organization. 

Criteria for Choosing an Evidence-Based Program Training Provider 

In choosing an evidence-based program, you must also analyze the training provider to ensure your team's success. Let's explore the critical criteria in distinguishing a proficient training provider, ensuring your chosen program translates into real, tangible impact.

I. Expertise and Experience in Delivering the Program 

It's not just about what the training provider says but what they've done. A robust track record showcases their expertise and ability to deliver results. Scrutinize their history of program delivery for a solid understanding of their capabilities. 

Additionally, recommends analyzing the evidence a training provider uses to back up their expertise. Ask yourself a series of questions, such as: 

  • Where is the evidence from, and what type of evidence is it? 
  • What population was studied? Is that population representative of those your organization serves? 
  • What is the quality of the evidence? Was fidelity measured? 
  • How feasible will it be for you to replicate the program under the same conditions? 
  • What outcomes were measured? 

II. Quality of Training Materials and Resources

Training materials should be more than just information; they should be tools for success. Assess the relevance and comprehensiveness of a training provider's materials to ensure they align with the program's goals and meet your organizational needs. 

Ensure that the training provider commits to delivering content that reflects the latest evidence-based practices and advancements, keeping your team on the cutting edge. 

II. Availability of Ongoing Support and Consultation

Thorough training shouldn't end with the last session. A provider committed to ongoing support ensures that your team has the resources and assistance needed for seamless program implementation. 

Ensure the training provider offers a support system that responds promptly to queries, concerns, and evolving needs, fostering a collaborative and successful partnership. 

Elevating Evidence-Based Excellence: What Sets FFT LLC Apart

We know that navigating evidence-based training programs can be overwhelming, which is why FFT LCC commits itself to a model of excellence. Let's explore why FFT LLC should be your top choice when implementing an evidence-based, Functional Family Therapy program in your organization. 

FFT LLC's Evidence-Based Programs and Training Options 

At the heart of FFT LLC's offerings are our robust training programs. We offer training in the following areas: 

  • Functional Family Therapy (FFT) Training: FFT collaborates with the entire family and external influences to foster growth, recognizing that each family has unique circumstances. Our efficacy lies in customizing treatment plans to address young people's and their families' specific needs. 
  • FFT through Child Welfare Training: FFT-CW is an evidence-based family  preservation program for families with children involved or at risk in the child welfare system. 
  • FFT Gang Training: Unlike other FFT programs, FFT-G uniquely focuses on engaging stakeholders with crucial knowledge and experience in the local community and gangs. 
  • FFT Probation and Parole Training: FFP involves case management, employing a structured, family-based intervention that follows a multi-step approach. FFP workers also make referrals to relevant services addressing the risk and protective factors of young people and their families. 

Each training certifies groups of three to eight practitioners in various systems to implement evidence-based services. The training process typically follows three phases: clinical training, supervision training, and a maintenance phase. 

  • Phase One – Clinical Training: This phase involves training staff on core constructs, assessments, and intervention techniques alongside addressing site-specific challenges. This phase lasts 12-18 months. 
  • Phase Two – Supervision Training: During the second phase, FFT LCC trains a site's extern to become an onsite supervisor, offering intensive, hands-on training in supervision techniques, followed by ongoing support via monthly consultations and other opportunities for ongoing support. The second phase typically lasts one year. 
  • Phase Three – Maintenance: The objective of the third phase is maintaining model fidelity, fostering staff development, establishing interagency connections, and facilitating program expansion. 
Ongoing Support and Resources for Continued Success

FFT LLC goes the extra mile, offering continuous assistance post-training, ensuring your team feels supported every step of the way. 

We deliver yearly training sessions and consulting services to uphold an organization's ongoing education and proficiency in FFT. These annual oversight and consultation practices are essential for maintaining your organization's status as a certified FFT site. 

Your organization also accesses a wealth of materials, facilitating ongoing improvement and development. We have numerous reports, guides, and infographics to help your organization stay current. 

By staunchly upholding model fidelity and utilizing outcome data, FFT LLC ensures the effectiveness of our evidence-based programs and continues to impact the lives of at-risk youth and their families positively. 

Commitment to Ongoing Research and Development 

We stay at the forefront of evidence-based practices through clinical oversight and ongoing research to ensure your organization adheres to and benefits from the latest advancements in the field. 

Through our commitment to research and oversight, we've observed the following outcomes for youth who participate in FFT treatment: 

  • 77% have no new offenses 18 months post-referral. 
  • 89% have no drug charges 18 months post-referral. 
  • 95% attend school/work at treatment close. 

Research also indicates that evidence-based programs reduce out-of-home placement costs ranging from $1,300 to $5,000 per family annually. In contrast, the annual cost of incarcerating a single youth exceeds $50,000, often leading to unfavorable outcomes for both the youth and their family. 

By working with FFT LLC to train your organization in these practices, you can also bring these incredible outcomes to the families and communities you serve. FFT LLC stands out as an ideal training provider committed to excellence, evidence, and ongoing improvement that resonates through our program offerings and continued support. 

Find the Best FFT Training: Shaping Success through Informed Choices 

From aligning with organizational values to evaluating training providers' expertise, each consideration throughout the decision-making process is a crucial piece in the puzzle of evidence-based program selection. 

These decisions are not mere choices but investments in your organization's future. Emphasizing well-informed decisions underscores their enduring impact on your organization and the broader community. 

When you select the best evidence-based program and training provider, you reshape outcomes and create a legacy of success. 

FFT LLC is a counseling service that brings hope and transformation to at-risk youth and families. Focusing on comprehensive, short-term therapy, FFT LLC has touched the lives of over 40,000 families annually across the globe. Through clinical oversight and ongoing research, FFT LLC ensures that all its providers adhere to evidence-based practice standards, guaranteeing positive outcomes for those in need.

If you're looking for certification and training on the FFT model, contact FFT LLC today!