Evidence-Based Interventions for Youth and Families

Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is an evidence-based intervention for youth and families. This high-quality, strength-focused family counseling model is designed primarily for at-risk youth who have been referred by the juvenile justice, mental health, school, or child welfare systems. Services are short-term and conducted in both clinic and home settings, and can also be provided in schools, child welfare facilities, probation and parole systems, and mental health facilities.

Why is FFT LLC the Training and Certification Organization of Choice?

Independently Studied with Consistently Positive Results

FFT LLC is the only Functional Family Therapy training organization with multiple independent studies conducted that produce consistently positive outcomes.

Largest Number of Certified Locations

FFT LLC has trained the highest number of FFT agencies, supporting 310+ teams that serve over 40,000 families a year. For a map of our locations, click here.

Largest FFPSA

Since the inception of the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA), FFT LLC has established 28 teams in 12 US states utilizing FFPSA funding.

Advanced Data Tracking Software

Our web-based CSS software seamlessly provides all data required by the FFPSA and other statewide and local projects, including program outcomes and model adherence reports.

Experts in Large Scale Projects

We have 12 current coordinated state and nationwide programs.

Quick and Efficient Startup Process 

FFT LLC has the infrastructure to support tight training timelines and large project startups.

Who Functional Family Therapy Serves

Evidence-Based Solutions for At-Risk Youth and Families

Our family counseling approach is scientifically proven to help at-risk youth and families overcome behavior problems, conduct disorder, substance abuse, and delinquency.

Keeping Youth and Families Together at Home

Our family preservation adaptation is designed for youth and families in child welfare settings and provides tailored services to youth and families based on their specific needs. 

Addressing Youth Gang Involvement

Our youth gang prevention and reduction approach focuses on troubled youth and families and directly addresses criminogenic risk factors that are often more prominent in a gang population than in a more general delinquent population.

Case Management Solutions for Juvenile Justice Systems

Our adaptation designed for probation, parole, and justice-involved youth takes what is known to work when treating this population and adapts it into a case management approach for juvenile justice systems. 

Evidence-based family counseling

Over 50 studies conducted on our family counseling model over the past five decades point to consistently positive results—both short and long-term. 


FFT delivers cost benefits to taxpayers. Florida, for example, saved $193 million through the inclusion of FFT in its Redirection Project.

Family Therapy

By including a family's individual set of values, cultures, needs, and barriers in the treatment planning process, FFT significantly increases motivation for change. 

Functional Family Therapy is currently being implemented in
45 states and 10 countries around the world.

Check out our interactive map to view our global footprint.

Interested in implementing FFT’s evidence-based youth and family interventions?