For more information on our evidence-based research and model effectiveness, download our reports and guides. 

FFT Flyer

Learn more about Functional Family Therapy training provided by FFT LLC, the original developer of the FFT training model. Download our flyer today! 

How to Become an FFT Provider: A Comprehensive Guide

Is your organization looking for a treatment model that will empower families in your community? If so, FFT might be the solution you are seeking. Learn more about how your organization can start an FFT program by downloading this guide.

FFT Overview Brochure

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is an evidence-based intervention for youth and families. Learn more about our family counseling approach by downloading this brochure.

Path to Becoming an FFT Provider

Follow our visual pathway that outlines the steps necessary to become a Functional Family Therapy provider. 


Are you interested in Functional Family Therapy (FFT) but still have questions? Our FAQ document contains common questions and answers that will help guide you! 

Checklist: 20 Key Components of Strong Juvenile Probation Practices

Download our checklist to view suggested actions that jurisdictions should take in order to work towards successful, evidence-based juvenile probation reform.

FFT Medicaid Brochure

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) saves money by diverting youth from costly out-of-home placements through the use of less expensive community-based treatment. Learn more about FFT and Medicaid by downloading this brochure.

FFT-CW Brochure

Functional Family Therapy through Child Welfare (FFT-CW) is an evidence-based family preservation program. Learn more about our child welfare program by downloading this brochure.

FFT-G Brochure

Functional Family Therapy- Gang (FFT-G) is a gang prevention/intervention program. Learn more about our gang prevention program by downloading this brochure.

FFP Brochure

Functional Family Probation and Parole (FFP) is a juvenile justice case management program for youth who are on supervision in the community. Learn more about our program by downloading this brochure.

FFPSA Fact Sheet

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is a well-supported program under the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA). Learn more by downloading this fact sheet.

7 Self Care Tips for Therapists

Working with vulnerable populations can be emotionally challenging and can take a toll on the mental and physical health of therapists or other professionals. See our 7 recommended self-care practices for therapists or those who work with vulnerable populations.

5 Key Considerations for Evidence-Based Practice Implementation

Implementing evidence-based programs (EBPs) can be a challenge, especially without proper planning and support. To help prepare your agency, see our guide that explores the 5 key considerations for successful EBP implementation!