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Functional Family Therapy announced as well-supported option for Family First Prevention Services Act

July 18, 2019

Seattle, WA -- The Title IV-E Prevention Services Clearinghouse has announced the first slate of options for the Family First Prevention Services Act and Functional Family Therapy (FFT), as provided by FFT LLC, has been ranked as one of only five well-supported programs. The Title IV- E Prevention Services Clearinghouse was established by the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to conduct an objective and transparent review of research on programs and services intended to provide enhanced support to children and families and prevent foster care placements.

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Summary of comparison between FFT-CW® and Usual Care sample from Administration for Children's Services

June 9, 2017

The Functional Family Therapy-Child Welfare (FFT-CW®) model was highlighted in a study that appeared in the recent issue of the journal, Child Abuse and Neglect.  Led by Dr. Charles Turner and colleagues, this article showed how the collaboration between FFT LLC, The New York Foundling, and New York City’s Administration for Child Services proved to be winning combination for youth and families in contact with the child welfare system in New York City.  Funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, this study represents the first scholarly research article on the FFT-CW® model, with the results showing strong support for the FFT-CW® approach.  For example, FFT-CW® was significantly better than alternative services on a number of variables, including a) rapidly engaging youth and families into services, b) a significantly shorter treatment duration, c) meeting all treatment goals, and d) preventing recurring allegations, return to services, and youth outplacements.  Thus, FFT-CW® was able to get families out of harm’s way faster and achieve changes more rapidly than alternative services, and – more importantly – was more effective in keeping youth and families together by achieving clinically meaningful outcomes for youth and families.

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Family Focused: Opposite of ‘Scared Straight,’ Intervention Helps Youth Connect and Feel Understood

November 9, 2016

“I thought my life was coming to an end. Oh my God, he’s a good kid,” said Geselle Colón, recounting the story of her son being sent into juvenile detention in Columbus, Georgia.

Sixteen-year-old Esteban De Jesus-Colón is a stellar athlete, popular and a good student at school. But early into adolescence, his anger was spiraling out of control.

“I had a brand-new car, and he went and kicked out the headlights,” Colón recalled.

Esteban lashed out at both parents following their separation. Last year, he got into a physical altercation with his father. His 13-year-old brother saw what was happening and called the police. His father pressed charges. Esteban was charged and convicted of domestic violence — and spent 16 days in lockup at a youth detention center. At the time, both parents felt it was time he faced the music. But Esteban felt betrayed.

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