Our Mission

To assure each FFT therapist, supervisor, team and organization is supported at the highest level of expertise to achieve and sustain the best possible outcomes for youth and families. Functional Family Therapy for Adolescent Behavior Problems is the definitive source for the most current information on FFT and guides our understanding of the model and the training we provide.

Our Philosophy/Belief System

A core attitude of respectfulness, of individual difference, culture, ethnicity and family form.

FFT LLC leads the charge to bring family functional therapy (FFT) to families in the world community, and is currently serving more than 300 community, state, national and international organizations as they provide FFT to more than 20,000 families each year.

Our consultants, trainers and researchers lead organizations and communities in successful FFT practice, and we spearhead research and implementation around the globe.

Solely endorsed by Dr. James Alexander, founder and developer (with Dr. Bruce Parsons) of the FFT model, FFT LLC continues to benefit from his ongoing oversight that ensures our training consistently replicates the successful practice and outcomes of FFT evaluations over the last four decades.

FFT LLC is the solely recognized training organization for FFT by Blueprints for Violence Prevention and many other organizations and supporters of evidence-based practice.

Although FFT LLC is a family-first model, therapists are aware of and work to influence multiple systems. This multisystem focus is not limited to generalization. From the outset, therapists must plan and intervene to address multisystemic demands. Over time, the focus increases, but even during initial contacts, therapists must incorporate interventions to address the requirements/needs of other systems (such as juvenile justice or school). The assessment of other systems changes over the course of treatment as cases progress from engagement to motivation to behavior change to generalization.