Our Organization

FFT LLC trains, consults and provides quality assurance to over 1600 therapists from 330 organizations that provide FFT to nearly 50,000 families across the globe. Dr. James Alexander, the founder of Functional Family Therapy, formed FFT LLC in 1998 for the purpose of leading the systematic replication of FFT into community agencies and to assist in the on-going scientific inquiry into the model.

In his on-going role as a Director for FFT LLC, Dr. Alexander has continually evaluated and modified as necessary the training materials to assure therapist practice reflects what occurred in evaluations of FFT.

FFT LLC’s global footprint includes training commitments in 45 US states, Canada, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Britain and the Republic of Singapore. We collaborate with colleagues in Sweden to support FFT implementation in that country.

FFT LLC is the recognized training organization for FFT by the Blueprints for Violence Prevention out of the University of Colorado.

Infrastructure and Personnel

FFT LLC’s staff operate out of 10 US states, the UK, and Denmark. They provide training, consultation, quality assurance and research for FFT as well as for an array of family focused evidence-based case management and therapy models. Its CEO is Doug Kopp, the former juvenile justice administrator for Washington State’s internationally recognized evidence based initiative. FFT LLC’s Director of Clinical Operations is Dr. Mike Robbins, a well-recognized family therapy trainer and researcher, as well as a Senior Scientist at the Oregon Research Institute.

Under Dr. Alexander’s guidance, the company developed and solely owns its therapist and supervisor training manuals, specific assessments, as well as extensive video and presentation training materials and protocols.

Training Models and Quality Assurance

FFT LLC operates a web-based FFT assessment system for training sites. Besides providing quality assurance data for therapist, supervisor and team improvement, the system also provides customized aggregate outcomes and performance reports to numerous statewide juvenile justice and child welfare systems, as well as managed care entities in many US states. While much of FFT training occurs on site, the company maintains externship training hubs in New York City and Los Angeles.

FFT LLC is also engaged in creation, evaluation and implementation of a number of adaptations of FFT. Chief amongst them is Functional Family Probation/Parole (FFP®) and Functional Family Case Management. The FFP® model is the first program to demonstrate recidivism reductions based on the actions of juvenile probation/parole officers. FFCM is a case management practice for child welfare workers implemented at selective sites in Holland and the US.

FFT LLC also developed and implements FFT Child Welfare ( FFT-CW®). This adaptation of FFT is provided to families with youth across all age ranges who are referred from child welfare systems.